Sustainable Procurement Tool for the maritime sector

published at 13-01-17, by Monique Boere

Sustainable procurement in the maritime sector has never been easier. With this tool all procurement officers will be able to use one system to assess Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) levels of their suppliers. An overview of the results is shared among participating companies.

By using the tool, companies gain and share information about CSRtopics such as working conditions, discrimination, waste and emissions. The final results are divided into different categories. The company receives an overall score (between 0 and 5).

A dashboard, accessible to participating companies, shows the scores of all assessed suppliers. The scores are based on ques tionnaire results that are reviewed by the purchasing companies. Detailed assessment results can be easily shared if permission is granted by the reviewed company.

The method for this tool is based on several procurement approaches applied by maritime companies and internationally recognized sustainability standards. It is ISO26000 compliant.

How to join?

The sustainable procurement tool isĀ  currently being tested and will be released early 2017. Are you interested to learn more or to join? Please contact Marjolein van Gendt,

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