Arte is looking for partners to start children’s education project in India

published at 12-10-17, by Futureproof Community

Arte wants to provide a better future for the children living near natural stone quarries and factories. We are currently setting up an education project in the region around Hyderabad and Ongole and we are looking for Dutch organizations who want to join us.

Natural stone from India

Arte supplies kitchen tops made from natural stone. A large part of our stone is sourced in India, where fair labour conditions and environmental care are our utmost priorities. We undertake a variety of activities to ensure fair labour practices, health & safety and environmental conditions in and around quarries and factories, such as the use of a Code of Conduct to which all our suppliers must abide. Moreover, we work closely with TFT to address environmental and social issues in the sector. Moreover, we keep good relations with our suppliers and ensure that our products do not contribute towards labour issues or child labour. Zijn er nog meer initiatieven die je hier wil noemen?

Education project

We want to increase our impact in India by improving the situation of children living near the natural stone quarries and factories in the region where we source from, around Hyderabad and Ongole. Therefore, we will launch a foundation and open a temporary school in a neighbourhood of some 2000-3000 people near the stone quarries. Our goal is to feed all children age 0 - 5, and to enable children between age 5 - 14 to go to school. An important aspect thereby is that we must ensure that families dependent upon child labour will not suffer from a loss of income, which means we will compensate those families adequately. If our program turns out to be successful in this region, we will upscale it to other regions as well.

Looking for partners!

We have guaranteed a subsidy from the Dutch government (RVO) to start our project, but to fully realize it we are looking for partners. The main task ahead now is co-financing the project and starting to build and implement our education program. We are interested in working together with different Dutch or European companies in India with sustainability and inclusive business in their DNA.  Think for example of companies in the agriculture of textile industry, sectors in which children are also vulnerable to abuse. Does that sound interesting to you, and is your company active in India already? Please get in touch with us to hear more about the project.

Niels van den Beucken - Arte in Keukens | Arte in Projecten
Tel. 0492 - 580 500

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